Par Based

Setup each hole to match your course. The leaderboard automatically converts strokes per hole into results relative to par for your course.

Live Data

Results are automatically pushed live to TV's and projectors at the event, mobile phones, and your website. No hassle!

Custom Look

You can customize our live results widgets to match your own branding to keep your message on target.

Golf Screenshot

This type of online leaderboard is something I have been searching for for a long time. It has reduced hours of time spent trying to calculate results for our tournaments, and it's extremely easy to use!

Marie T -

Our leaderboard application takes all the hassle out of tracking results during your golf event. Quickly setup par for each hole of your course. Then just enter each golfers strokes at each hole and the leaderboard does all of the rest.

Display live results on TVs or projectors at the event. Golfers and spectators can see the evolving results on their mobile phones. Live results are even pushed directly to your website.

All of this happens automatically when number of strokes are entered at each hole. It is like magic, and will make managing your next golf tournament a little easier.

Common Uses

  • Charity golf tournaments
  • Corporate golf events
  • Weekly club competitions
  • High school / collegiate tournaments
  • Private club best scores
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