Keep encouraging workouts remotely with live leaderboards during this Corona virus pandemic

Published March 17th, 2020

We've certainly entered uncharted territory with sports shutdowns and school closings due to the Corona virus pandemic. Youth sports across the country are suspending practices but are still looking to keep athletes and students engaged and active while at home.

If we can help your group pump up the #stuckathomeworkouts please check in with us to discuss want you want and see if we can help.

Here are a few ideas we are helping people work out now:

  • Ttrack minutes spent reading each day
  • Track group HIIT workout times
  • Cumulative running times per day
  • Number of hand washes per day

Let's keep building that team spirit even when we can't workout in person. We will keep posting new ideas that customers are rolling out as the next few weeks progress. Stay safe out there!

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