CrossFit Leaderboards are Here

Published November 22nd, 2018

We just launched a new template specifically designed with crossfit and other extreme workout gyms in mind.  With this leaderboard your athletes can always stay informed of both the gym records and personal bests to help motivate and encourage each other to push harder.

Specific workouts can be setup for both AMRAP scoring (rounds + reps) or for-time WODs.  The results across all workouts can be combined within your gym based on average ranks to deliver an overall leaderboard for your gym, motivating members to climb the ranks.

WOD Leaderboards
Each workout can have a leaderboard that displays right in the gym via a TV or projectors for athletes to see where they stand and motivate each other to new bests.  Entering scores right after each athlete finishes will immediately update the leaderboard display in the gym.

Personal PRs
Each athlete can also get personalized widgets showing their current PRs as well as their progress over time in each WOD.  They can view this data right on their phone to have quick access anytime to keep them pushing for new records.

Are we missing anything else?  We are excited for this new arena of live CrossFit scoring and are ready for more input on how we can make improvements that help you boost the fitness of you athletes and family.  Want another feature, please let us know in the Live Chat!

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